Youth Adolescant Mental Health Support

Ingleburn Lions Club (Inc)

NSW, Australia, District 201N2


We are in the business of helping the community.

We believe there are interesting projects and activities that could be done to raise funds and engage with the community.

We have been and continue to be involved in a wide range of projects.

Current projects are:

1.   Collection of used spectacles.

2.   Collection of postage stamps.

3.   Involvement in the Youth of the Year program.

4.   Collection of school and sundry items for school children in the Solomon Islands.

5.   Collection of sporting equipment for the school children in the island of Chuuk.

6.   making donations to various local charities and schools.

7.  Providing various levels of support to other worthy organisations. 

8.  Yamhs Lions Branch Club

Other projects we have been involved in include:

1.  Providing assistance to disadvantaged people in our local community.

2.  Provision of wheelchairs, Hart Walkers and other mobility aids.

3.  Provision of computers and talking software to blind people.

4.  Providing assistance and monetary aid to the Talking Books foundation. 

5.  Providing assistance and/or aid to assist in times of disaster or tragedy.

6.  Providing insulin pumps and other medical aids to needy people in our community.

7.  Provision of support to various levels of our community for more than 45 years.